Skinny Girl In Transit S4E8 : Bittersweet | REACTION

TGIF only means one thing for me right now and that's SGIT!

If you have not been watching or you don't know what Skinny Girl in Transit is, then we don't live on the same planet. LOL.
Tiwa tells Didi all that went down during her meeting with Fabrice, and Aunt Dupe gets some good news. Mide invites Tiwa out and asks her a question that could change everything.

#HappilyEverEshos - Nigerian Yoruba Wedding Introduction

Wedding Update!

"Oluwatosin found me and I found the one with whom I'll chase ten thousand ..." Adenike 

We had our introduction ceremony a few months ago and it was such a beautiful ceremony. Here are some pictures.
Enjoy our introduction photos below. There's also a short video highlight.

Photo Credit: @akinoyebodephotography
Dress: @Owunmiclothings
Makeup: @Feyzomua

Bridal Beauty Guide| Tips To Get Glowing Skin Before

Wedding update!

Today, I talk about some skin care tips for a bride-to-be. Makeup will not hide everything so these are the steps that I'm taking to ensure I glow on my wedding day. Also, you can definitely use these tips for your daily routine, you don't have to be a bride.

Here are the links to some of the products I used


IK Ogbonna and Nikky Ufondu produced “Excess Luggage” is set to be out in Cinemas nationwide from Friday October 20, 2017.

The movie which had its press screening yesterday at Imax cinemas, Lekki was attended top Nollywood actors and movie lovers. Excess Luggage tells the story of an illiterate village man with his family headed to a church summit but their car breaks down, they have no choice but to stay with an unlikely and unfriendly but wealthy and sophisticated family member.

Cheap (2,000 Naira) Egusi Soup | Recipe

Hey People!

I'm doing something different today and if you like it I'll continue with it. I'm a lover of SisiYemmie and her recipes so I decided to try her Egusi Soup recipe and wow, it was delicious! Egusi soup is one of my favorite soups because I can eat it with almost anything and I still get the nutrients of my vegetable.

The Screening Room: Skinny Girl In Transit S4E3: Jealousy | Should Tiwa tell Mide?

This week on Skinny Girl In Transit ...

#TiwaMide 2017 seems right on course with the duo working out together and creating serious tension for Shalewa. Tiwa gets a surprise gift at the radio station and Didi grills her on identity of the sender.

Three (3) Survival Snacks In Lagos Traffic

Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, is fast becoming one of the largest cities in the world and thiugh we all love the city, we know that one of the most annoying problems when it comes to living in Lagos is the traffic situation.

The Screening Room: This Is It - Lowladee | S02E1 | Recap | Is Dede Pregnant?

Dede and Tomide of "This is It" are back! Dede struggles in coming to terms with her life changing decision. Tomide and Sam enjoy a major stride in their career..

All your favorite characters are back in “The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai”

All your favourite characters are back in The Wedding Party 2.

The ELFIKE Film Collective, a partnership between EbonyLife Films, FilmOne Distribution, Inkblot Productions and Koga Studios, have released the teaser for the much-anticipated film, The Wedding Party 2 – Destination Dubai.

Nigerian/Yoruba Introduction Ceremony Between Adenike & Oluwatosin #HappilyEverEshos

Hey People!

Last week I uploaded my mini-documentary of my journey to our introduction ceremony. Someone commented asking "where is the remaining?"

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